Laying down the blueprints

This week we have had our second meeting. I had missed it to do a English test I made up, but they went over activities and ideas to do with the kids at the local school. I was thinking of a sports program, probably football would be a good idea. A physically active sport is a great way to get to know everybody and connect. My other idea was a book club in case for those that don’t enjoy playing sports.

This week I plan to send out another newsletter. I had so responses on the last newsletter for some people that want to be added to the list, and keeping everyone connected to the trip could also boost my fundraising. I’m still falling short, but I think in a little bit I’ll make a social media boost for my friends to see too. Fundraising is the hardest part and I’m going to have to focus up in put more work into it.

It would also be a great idea to get sponsored by a few Christian organizations. If I could reach out to a couple of them this week, now would be the best time to get started early. It would boost my credibility and perhaps would secure more funders.

I have a lot to focus on this week, mainly fundraising, but I hope we have another meeting to discuss more of this trip. Its coming up faster than I expected, so I have to get moving.

Catch Ya Later,

Dominic Desideiro

I am a sophomore in Colorado. I am going on a mission trip to Rwanda, and this is my journey.